Allison McNamara


I’m Allison McNamara, the Founder of MARA – welcome!

I’m so excited you’re checking out my award-winning line of algae-infused skincare.

We spent two years developing our proprietary algae blend, which we source sustainably via wild collecting in France and Ireland, that's clinically tested to plump firm and smooth. This efficacious blend serves as the base for all of our formulas, to which we combine with clean actives and synergistic superfoods to transform skin while keeping you glowing.

I believe skincare should be simple, easy, effective and chic. Thank you for trying skincare from my perspective.

Get ready to #SeatheGlow.

xx Allison


Allison has been passionate about skincare her entire life, thanks to having a father who worked in beauty. Ideating new products, trying out formulas, and sitting in on commercial shoots listening to key brand messaging were just a few of the “regular” things Allison and her sister did with their dad on the regular growing up. This exposure to products and experience with brand messaging honed her skills over the span of decades, surmounting in the creation MARA. 

MARA is the last four letter’s of McNamara’s last name and mean’s “sea” in Gaelic, but the brand name was actually first inspired by the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey, where the concept of MARA was born. She spent two years developing the MARA proprietary algae blend, which has been clinically tested to plump, firm and smooth, and is harvested via wild collecting in France and Ireland. MARA's first-to-market, award winning formulas have synergistic mixes of algae, transformative actives, superfoods, adaptogens and mega hydrators so you always #SeatheGlow.

Before launching MARA, Allison was a television host, producer and fashion & beauty journalist for outlets like POPSUGAR, Refinery 29, Who What Wear and Entertainment Tonight. She’s co-hosted ABC’s Emmy-winning Live from the Red Carpet at the Oscars, reported backstage from New York Fashion Week, hosted a daily entertainment news show on PopTv and a reality competition show on fyi Network, Midnight Style. She studied Journalism, Political Science and Marketing at the University of Southern California, and studied abroad at the Sorbonne in France. 

Get ready to #SeathGlow