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Introducing Algae Retinol Face Oil

1.2% clean, BHT-free retinol, evening primrose, fermented green tea, and rich natural sources of vitamin A for radiantly clear skin.

Get Ready to #SeatheGlow

Our secret duo to gorgeous skin.

Sleep Your Way to Radiantly Clear Skin

Supercharged retinol stimulates cellular turnover to soften the signs of aging. 

Your Best Skin Ever

Our signature algae blend is loaded with fatty acids to boost the hydration barrier and visibly reduce wrinkles and crows feet.

Hello, Glow!

Universal Face Oil hydrates and nourishes skin to it’s bouncy, beautiful potential.

See What People Are Saying

“To start, my complexion instantly became more luminous after I smoothed the formula over my skin…” -Refinery29

My Story

As a TV personality and beauty editor, I’ve tried just about everything out there. Here’s why I created MARA.

💕 Allison


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