Allison McNamara


I’m Allison, the Founder of MARA and I’m so excited you’re checking out my natural, nontoxic line of algae face oils powered by the sea. As a beauty editor and digital influencer, I was tired of using oil after oil comprised of the same ingredients with lackluster results, so I made my own! We crafted a proprietary algae blend that is used throughout the line and loaded our formulas with superfood ingredients that will make your skin sing. I believe in simple skincare with clean ingredients–try MARA and get ready to #SeatheGlow.


 Our Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil is the only oil you need to get bouncy, beautiful skin. 

Growing up on the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, I have always been inspired by the sea. The ocean is an amazing resource filled with life nutrients like plankton, algae, and seaweed that have been around for millions of years and offer miraculous skin and health benefits. While on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey gazing at the Sea of Marmara it suddenly became clear to me that I needed to create MARA. MARA means ‘sea’ in Gaelic–yes I’m Irish, no the red hair isn’t natural. MARA also happens to be the last four letters of my last name, McNamara, and so MARA was born.

I researched tons of algae, plankton, seaweed and filtrates and did extensive research on natural oils. There are many great options out there, but choosing the right medley to deliver the results I was looking for took an enormous amount of research, trial and error and ultimately final development and testing (but not on animals, please!)

We sourced the ocean’s fountain of youth, creating our own signature algae blend comprised of alaria esculenta extracts–also called Irish Wakame–and microalgae extracts sourced off the coasts of Ireland, the British channel, and Brittany, France. Our proprietary algae blend used throughout the line is high in omegas 3, 6, and 9 to fight free radicals and smooths skin texture making it look and feel baby soft. It also helps balance the homeostasis of the skin by inhibiting inner stress signals and calibrates the skin’s natural circadian rhythm.

While deep in research, I was blown away when I discovered the incredible hydrating powers of moringa oil. I knew instantly I wanted to build it in as a key ingredient because it offers exceptional skin benefits and is much lighter and faster absorbing than the oils more commonly used in quality skincare products. Moringa, called the Miracle Tree, is quite literally that–it has an insane nutrient profile loaded with 46 antioxidants and has 7x the vitamin C of oranges!, 4x the vitamin A of carrots!, 3x the potassium of bananas! and 2x the protein of yogurt! (and none of calories hah) making it a perfect base for our line.

I want a lot out of my skin care products, but I also believe that skincare should be simple, effective, and beautiful. Who has time (or money) to layer on 10 products on when you can reap all of the same benefits with just one?

Try MARA Universal Face Oil and we guarantee you’ll get the bouncy, beautiful, glowing skin you’ve always wanted. Simplify your beauty routine and improve your skin.