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So you’ve heard of the blueberry–but it’s time to get to know the bilberry, the blueberries’ more nutrient-rich cousin that will do wonders for your complexion. First off–what is a bilberry? It’s a tasty little blue fruit better known in the US as huckleberry, or if you’re British, the whortleberry, all of which have been used for centuries both medically and in cooking for jams and pies. These little guys are native to northern Europe and were popular during the world ware era. But these blue beauties will do a whole lot more than leave you full after chowing down a delectable pie, they are little miracle workers that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the  appearance of skin tone and texture and will leave you radiant. Although you probably won’t find bilberries are your local farmer’s market–they do make frequent cameos in natural skincare products thanks to their unique nutrient profiles.

Bilberries contain anthocyanosides–plant pigments that have fabulous antioxidant properties that help curb free radicals. Bilberries are also high in vitamin B, C and E and contain quercetin and resveratrol that help improve the visible signs of aging. This blue fruit is also high in omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids that work to stregthen the lipid barrier of the skin. Additionally, the polyphenols present in bilberries are very effective in preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Using bilberry in your skincare routine regularly as well as eating the bilberry fruit will help improve your skin from the inside out. We love all of the beautiful benefits of bilberries–which is why you can find them in our Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil, which you can shop right here.