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The ocean is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth, housing the most nutrient-dense  ingredients and fast-absorbing vitamins that our skin craves. Algae is one of the world’s leading sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and essential fatty acids–just take one look at the deep, rich colors of algae–like red, emerald and canary–you find floating near the shore. Algae is power packed with life and can withstand even the toughest of storms and radical temperatures–making it the perfect foundation for my skincare line MARA.

Multicellular algae has been living on this Earth for over 2 billion years. The first, most simplest life forms on Earth were prokaryotes—organisms, like bacteria and some forms of algae, that don’t have a nucleus. A great example of a prokaryote is our beloved blue green algae, better known as Spiruilina which you probably consume in your smoothies and slather on your face in face masks. Algae has not only survived the test of time, we are continually discovering new types of algae–even different phyla and classes, which is wild! It’s estimated that there are over 37,000 species of true algae in the world and over 4,000 cyanobacteria and it’s estimated that we still have about 30,000 different types to discover. There’s definitely props to be given to a life category that has been able to adapt, evolve and survive for that many years.

So with upwards of 60,000 species of algae, clearly the term algae is incredibly broad. Which type of algae is best for moisture? Anti-aging? Improving skin tone and texture? I worked with a team of scientists for two years to find the perfect proprietary formula, developing our own signature algae blend–a medley of alaria esculent extracts and micro algae sourced off the coasts of Ireland, England and France–that hydrate, replenish and reduce the visible signs of aging. Algae is also incredibly easy for your skin and body to absorb, making it a fast-acting ingredient that delivers immediate results.Try our Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil and instantly see the benefits our unique algae blend has to offer.